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AR15 for Home Defense

Posted by Jay Duncan on 10/21/2015


Loaded with the Right Ammunition The AR-15 is Perfect for Home Defense

Historically, hand guns have been thought of as the optimal home defense weapon. Proponents argues they are small and maneuverable making them the best choice to keep in your nightstand or an easily accessible small safe. However in the last few years, a new school of thought has taken hold and for good reason. An AR-15 loaded with .223 ammunition may be the best home defense weapon you'll ever own. Here are 5 reasons why the AR-15 should be your weapon of choice.

1. Pure Stopping Power

Shot out of an AR-15, a .223 moves at over 3,000 feet per second. The round immediately expands once it strikes something. When it comes to home defense, you're looking for ammo that causes the most damage in a short amount of time. Avoid full metal jacket ammo with a pointed nose. You do not want to bullet to travel straight through your target. You're shooting to stop an attack, maximum damage is key. A through and through shot might cause an attacker to slowly bleed out, but until then he could still be a threat.

2. Versatility

You're probably not going to be taking down at target at 175 yards for self-defense, but with an AR-15 you could. The AR works well at close distances, such as inside your home. However, you can also use it for longer ranges, like taking down that deer you've had your eye on.

3. Minimal Training Required for Effective Shooting

An AR-15 is lightweight and fairly simple to use. Best of all, it has extremely limited recoil. For someone who does not shoot a great deal, the recoil from a large handgun can be a shock. If you miss with your first round, an intruder can immediately take advantage of the few seconds it takes to recover from the shock of an incapacitating recoil. Furthermore, the AR-15 simply has more points of contact. For an untrained shooter, this provides invaluable assistance in aiming. Connecting at both hands, the shoulder, and the cheek, the rifle is far more stable than a handgun and provides a more natural aiming experience. The gun shoots where the barrel is pointed.

4. Larger Capacity

As much as one trains and prepares for using their weapon under an immediate threat, it’s nearly impossible to tell how a person will react under pressure. Shaking hands and nerves can cause even the most experienced shooter to miss when faced with a looming intruder. Imagine waking from a dead sleep in the middle of the night to a loud noise. You find a man attempting to kick in your front door. Your first thought is to gather your loved ones and protect them from potential harm. As you gather your family behind the locked bedroom door, you take aim, and wait for the inevitable. When the door opens, you're faced with a man holding a gun and screaming demands. You unleash and with a handgun, it's quite possible you unleash your whole magazine. What happens when the second man enters your home? Yes, that lookout man that you didn't notice hiding in your bushes? Thankfully, you're not relying on your handgun that only holds 10 rounds. You are holding your AR-15 that's loaded with a 30 round magazine.

5. The Fear Factor

The AR-15 is an intimidating weapon. Unfortunately, as more guns are making their way into the hands of the wrong people, fewer people are intimidated by the sight of a simple handgun. The length and appearance of an AR-15 brings a certain psychological element to the battle that just doesn't compare to a smaller gun. Many times, this makes it possible to defend your home without ever having to open fire.

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