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The Subsonic Experts

Posted by Jay Duncan on 10/28/2015


The Subsonic Ammunition Experts

Inc. Magazine has a three-step list on how to become an expert. Plenty of other places also offer advice on how to become an expert.

One thing all of them have in common is the need to practice. Do it. The more you do it, the better you become.

Real subsonic ammunition experts spend time developing the perfect load and firearms and send thousands of projectiles down range to evaluating the results. A short list of the tools in the experts' tool boxes is: firearms, ballistics lab, chronometers, loaded ammunition, targets, suppressors and something to take notes with. Here's why.


Ammunition that sits on a shelf may look pretty, but it doesn't do anything. Ammunition has to be fired to know what it will do. It has to be fired under a variety of conditions. Shoot it in the rain and snow, heat of summer and dead of winter. Shoot it near sea level and shoot it on a mountain.

After shooting, group sizes have to be compared.


Got to have something to shoot. Putting bullets into a berm is good for learning how to operate a firearm and getting used to it. It's only going to provide a very rough idea of accuracy. Measuring for accuracy means having a target where impacts can be measured.

A dirt berm won't provide penetration information. Shooting various targets like ballistic gel, wood, junk car doors, concrete blocks and clothing-wrapped targets will show exactly how well a bullet penetrates and performs when striking different targets.


The ammo has to be fired. Because different guns deliver different results with the same ammunition, a variety of firearms is best. The best results will shoot ammo through handguns as well as rifles. Different barrel lengths should also be used.

Gun barrels will also show a decided preference for certain ammo. An AR15 platform can change out uppers in less than a minute. A 24-inch .300 Blackout barrel may deliver MOA results at 100 yards with 208 grain projectiles. The same ammo in a 14-inch barrel might have a 2-inch group with the same ammo.

Rifling twist also matters. Keith Wood has an excellent article on twist rates and pairing ammo to the twist.


Subsonic ammo is designed to work with suppressed firearms. Just like the gun and the ammo, different cans are going to deliver different results. The results should be close, but an expert will be able to tell the difference.


A good records-keeping system is vital. It allows the shooter to compare everything over time. There's no guesswork and trying to remember what happened on the range three years ago, much less last week.

The same gun and the same ammo is going to perform differently in 20 degree weather v. 95 degree weather. An expert shooter is going to know this and be able to adjust accordingly.

The expert knows to adjust because he's studied his own shooting records. He's found out what load works best in his gun. He's picked the right powder, the right projectile and the right weight and has the best can possible on the end of the barrel.


Putting It Together

The real subsonic ammo expert takes all his information and talks to other shooters. They compare notes, guns, loads and range results. They discuss their suppressors and why they like a particular brand. They come away with a greater understanding of why the ammo behaves as it does under many different conditions, with different guns and different shooters.

This information is then used to further fine-tune the ammo to make it be as accurate, hard-hitting and dependable as possible.

This is Gorilla Ammo. We employ subsonic ammo experts and utilize the most sophisticated equipment in the world to measure ammunition to make sure every round you buy is going to perform exactly as promised.

Need more information about subsonic ammo and what goes into premier loads? Contact us with your questions.



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