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Training ammunition for a variety of needs

Posted by Jay Duncan on 9/18/2015

Training ammunition for a variety of needs

The need for training ammunition is constant and the kind of ammo that's needed varies depending on the training needs. Here's a look at why training is important and what kinds of ammo are needed.


Dave Grossi at PoliceOne takes up the question of how often law enforcement should hit the range. "The courts have said that our firearms training needs to be relevant and realistic. However, it must also be conducted regularly — as in, occurring close enough to the incident in question so as to assist the officer in making proper deadly force decisions," he wrote. You may say "I'm not a police officer, so that doesn't apply to me." If you keep a gun in the house or carry one for self-defense, it absolutely applies to you. In a crunch situation, you have to know what to do, how to do it and how to lay down fire as accurately as possible. Grossi's piece lists 10 excellent reasons why regular practice with your carry or home defense piece is necessary.

Shooting regularly means expending ammunition. Dry firing does not provide the same experience as shooting real bullets. You need the recoil and the noise of the shot because this is what will happen in an emergency.

When shooting for self-defense purposes, the kind of ammo doesn't really matter. As long as it makes the gun kick and goes bang, it works. That's why a lot of people prefer FMJ or lead ball for practice.

When you're shooting for any reason, you need to...


Writing for Outdoor Life, Bryce M. Towsley might as well be driving tacks at 1,000 yards with this bit of advice for long-range target shooters: "The next cool rail-mounted gadget will not make you a better shooter. Instead, take that money and buy more ammo for practice. The guy who has burned enough powder so he can hit the target fastest is the guy that will win the match, not the guy who dragged his gun through the gadget catalog."

The old saw "practice makes perfect" applies in shooting, whether or not you are punching targets at a range or knocking down coyotes in a field. The more you shoot, the better you will be.

In this kind of practice, your training ammo needs to be the same, or as close as possible, to what you'll be using in competition or when hunting. You don't want to sight in a 300 Blackout with 147 grain FMJ and then turn around to hunt wild hogs with 220 grain subsonics.

What you can do to save money is...


Fortunately, good habits learned with one gun will translate to shooting other guns. Unfortunately, bad habits will also go from gun to gun. USA Carry has a list of 11 bad habits shooters can have. While this article talks about self-defense, the same 11 problems can be found in shooters on the range and in the field.

The solution to these problems? Get out there and burn some ammo. The word "practice" in some form or another appears 23 times in the article at USA Carry. Ben Findley writes, "Whatever you do, REMEMBER… PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and then PRACTICE… SAFELY!"

When you're confident with your ability to ring the gong every time, then it's time to start shooting some performance ammo. Until then...


Practicing at the range with live ammo can get expensive. Fortunately, with remanufactured ammo, you can spend time on the range and not burn up your wallet at the same time. The production quality is there; you're saving money because the brass is once-fired.

And if you need more information...

Contact us for more tips on live ammunition training and bulk orders on training ammo.



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