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Advanced Armament SR7 Fast Attach 7.62 Sound Supressor / Silencer

Part Number:Silencer7
Advanced Armament SR7 Fast Attach 7.62 Sound Supressor / Silencer


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Advanced Armament SR7 Fast Attach 7.62 Sound Suppressor / Silencer

The SR-7™ is an evolutionary fast attach silencer for 7.62mm hosts. The SR-7™ utilizes a variant of the AAC 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper™ fast-attach system that enables users to securely install or remove the silencer in less than three seconds using an intuitive motion and gross motor skills. The rock solid interface of the 90 Tooth Ratchet Taper™ system minimizes point-of-impact shift and enables users to fully explore the accuracy potential of their host weapon. The durable, fully-welded 100% Inconel 718 baffle cores of the SR-5™ and SR-7™ are designed to minimize back pressure and feature a newly designed blast baffle that provides additional erosion resistance for use with short barreled hosts. Although optimized for 7.62mm x 51 ammunition, the SR-7™ is an excellent multi-caliber silencer that offers excellent performance on hosts chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, 6.8 SPC, and 5.56mm. 

 Technical Specifications

  • Caliber
    • 7.62 NATO & 300 BLK
  • Finish = Cerakote
  • Weight = 19.6 oz
  • Diameter = 1.50"
  • Length = 6.70"
  • Avg Sound Level Reduction
    • 25-39 dB
  • Materials 
    • Baffles = Inconnel 718
    • Tube = 316L Stainless Steel

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