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Questions about products, ordering, policies? We've answered some of the questions that come up most often below. 

What type of guns are our products best suited for? 
Gorilla Ammunition was designed for high performance out of AR platform rifles. We've tested them in many different AR style guns to make sure we took into consideration barrel length variations, magazine feeding, and the semi-automatic function of the AR. We've even shot it in full auto with great function results.

What is the difference between the cartridge with the 55 grain bullet and the 69 grain bullet?
First off, we use Sierra bullets to ensure our customers get great results down range. They manufacture high performance bullets for a variety of applications. Our 55gr BlitzKing load was designed for high velocity and a straight trajectory over long ranges. The green polymer tip provides maximum bullet expansion after impact and is great for hunting hogs, coyotes and other small game. The 69gr MatchKing load is ideal for target shooting. It can be used for varmint hunting but you won't get the same bullet expansion as with the 55gr BlitzKing. 

What is .300 Blackout and what is Subsonic .300 Blackout?
.300 Blackout (.300BLK) is a 30 caliber bullet loaded into a case that is very similar in size to a 5.56 case. It was created to give battlefield soldiers a more knockdown ability with a larger bullet while maintaining compact size. You must use a gun chambered for .300BLK. .300BLK has been touted as the ideal close range battlefield round due to it's large bullet and compact design. 

Subsonic .300BLK is loaded to shoot velocities under the speed of sound. This means that it will be quieter then standard supersonic ammunition but may not be as accurate over long ranges. Subsonic .300BLK should be shot suppressed when used in a gas operated firearm. The reduced pressured associated with Subsonic ammo can keep a gas operated firearm from ejecting the spent case and loading the next round into the chamber. A suppressor causes more back pressure in the gun and allows the bolt to cycle with normal function. If you do not have a suppressor but you want to shoot blackout, please try our 125gr .300BLK or the 110gr V-Max round. They are supersonic and will cycle your gas operated firearm. 

What is our returns policy?
If you're not happy, we're not happy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please call us at 772-766-5805 or email us at We want to keep our customers happy and will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. 

What are the age limits for ordering ammo online?
You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase ammunition. 

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