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The Subsonic Experts

Posted by Jay Duncan on 10/28/2015

The Subsonic Ammunition Experts

Inc. Magazine has a three-step list on how to become an expert. Plenty of other places also offer advice on how to become an expert.

One thing all of them have in common is the need to practice. Do it. The more you do it, the better you become.

Real subsonic ammunition experts spend time developing the perfect load and firearms and send thousands of projectiles down range to evaluating the results. A short list of the tools in the experts' tool boxes is: firearms, ballistics lab, chronometers, loaded ammunition, targets, suppressors and something to take notes with. Here's why.

AR15 for Home Defense

Posted by Jay Duncan on 10/21/2015

Loaded with the Right Ammunition The AR-15 is Perfect for Home Defense

Historically, hand guns have been thought of as the optimal home defense weapon. Proponents argues they are small and maneuverable making them the best choice to keep in your nightstand or an easily accessible small safe. However in the last few years, a new school of thought has taken hold and for good reason. An AR-15 loaded with .223 ammunition may be the best home defense weapon you'll ever own. Here are 5 reasons why the AR-15 should be your weapon of choice.

Match Grade Ammunition Manufacturing

Posted by Jay Duncan on 10/14/2015

The precision behind match grade ammunition manufacturing

When you shop for ammo, you can find different prices for the same caliber ammunition. Even ammunition from the same company will vary in price, depending on how the box is labeled and what's inside.

There are some obvious differences. Hardball, the short name for full metal jacket, is often the cheapest to buy. That projectile is the easiest to manufacture. Soft points, an exposed lead tip, are a bit more. Hollow points and the plastic-tipped rounds are even more. The polymer-tipped ammo is nothing more than a hollow point with a plastic insert. This helps the bullet to expand when hitting targets that might otherwise fill the hollow and prevent expansion. It also allows expansion at long ranges.

Most ammunition manufacturers also produce a line of match grade ammo.


300 Blackout ammunition provides a gamut of performance

Posted by Jay Duncan on 10/8/2015

300 Blackout ammunition provides a gamut of performance

In the world of ammo, the .308-diameter provides a huge variety of weights and projectile types.

It's hard to find, but 55 grain pills in a .308 can be found. It's not the most accurate round and varminters would do better with a 110 grain. On the other side of the ammo range, are the 250 grain hammers that most people load in .300 WinMags for hunting really big game.

One thing the .308 family has lacked, at least in commercial loads, is a reliable subsonic round that could be shot with a can. Handloaders have been able to take the .308 Winchester and drop the powder load to achieve subsonic performance. That's not ideal either.

Enter the 300 Blackout. 300 Blackout ammunition ranges from 110 grain screamers and go up the weight ladder to 220+ grain rounds that deliver serious knockdown power.

Training ammunition for a variety of needs

Posted by Jay Duncan on 9/18/2015

Training ammunition for a variety of needs

The need for training ammunition is constant and the kind of ammo that's needed varies depending on the training needs. Here's a look at why training is important and what kinds of ammo are needed.


Dave Grossi at PoliceOne takes up the question of how often law enforcement should hit the range. "The courts have said that our firearms training needs to be relevant and realistic. However, it must also be conducted regularly — as in, occurring close enough to the incident in question so as to assist the officer in making proper deadly force decisions," he wrote. You may say "I'm not a police officer, so that doesn't apply to me." If you keep a gun in the house or carry one for self-defense, it absolutely applies to you. In a crunch situation, you have to know what to do, how to do it and how to lay down fire as accurately as possible. Grossi's piece lists 10 excellent reasons why regular practice with your carry or home defense piece is necessary.

Shooting regularly means expending ammunition. Dry firing does not provide the same experience as shooting real bullets. You need the recoil and the noise of the shot because this is what will happen in an emergency.

300 BlackOut Subsonic Ammunition

Posted by Jay Duncan on 6/28/2014
300 BlackOut Subsonic Ammunition
Discussion about 300 BlackOut Subsonic Ammunition

Gorilla Ammunition .223 Remington Offerings

Posted by Mike Mosel on 6/13/2014
A quick outline of our products and the best ways to use them. Keep in mind, this in no way limits how, where, and when you should shoot Gorilla Ammunition. It’s Bad Ass all the time. But if you really want to squeeze every ounce of potential out of our ammo offerings, this may help you decide which ammo is best for you.

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