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Gorilla Ammunition .223 Remington Offerings

Posted by Mike Mosel on 6/13/2014

After our first blog post addressing some frequently asked questions, we decided to post a some details about the ammo we offer and really give people an idea about why we decided to load certain rounds and what they are best used for. From our .223 Remington 55gr Sierra BlitzKing to our .300 Blackout 220gr Sierra MatchKing Subsonic to our .308 Winchester 175gr Sierra MatchKing offerings, our ammo delivers top notch quality and performance. However, the way to ger the best performance out of Gorilla Ammunition is to use it in its best application and with the best gun for it. So here is a quick outline of our products and the best ways to use them. Keep in mind, this in no way limits how, where, and when you should shoot Gorilla Ammunition. It’s Bad Ass all the time. But if you really want to squeeze every ounce of potential out of our ammo offerings, this may help you decide which ammo is best for you.

Gorilla Ammunition 55gr Sierra BlitzKing

If you want the best .223Remington offering for hunting, you’ve got to go with the Gorilla Ammunition 55gr Sierra BlitzKing. It’s got a green polymer tip the offers great expansion. The lighter weight 55gr Sierra BlitzKing projectile is most accurate out of a 1:9 twist barrel. If your gun is a 1:7 or 1:8 the 55gr will still shoot great. Just the other day Intern Todd shot a half inch group at 100 yards out of a 1:7 Daniel Defense AR. But if you really want to show off your shooting ability, the 1:9 twist is the ticket. We brought out the 55gr Sierra BlitzKing round because it offered a great all-around option in .223 Remington. It’s got plenty of knockdown and is stupid accurate. The picture above shows a happy customer behind his monster pig he took down with the Gorilla Ammunition 55gr Sierra BlitzKing. He shot it right in the ear hole at 50 yards and the pig just dropped. If you plan to do some hunting for coyote, hogs, prairie dogs, or anything else that is sneaking around your neck of the woods, the Gorilla Ammunition 55gr Sierra BlitzKing is the round for you.

Gorilla Ammunition 69gr Sierra MatchKing

Imagine: You take a shot at your target 100 yards down range. You get your bearings, adjust your scope to bring it back to bulls-eye and take another shot. Right on target. Then you take a third shot and you can’t find where you hit the target. You know you pulled the trigger, you heard the report, you felt the kick of the gun. But there is only 2 holes in the paper. . .Guess what: You didn’t miss. You hit the same hole you just shot. That’s the kind of precision that is possible with Gorilla Ammunition 69gr Sierra MatchKing. It’s the target round of target rounds. Sierra doesn’t recommend the 69gr Sierra MatchKing for hunting and say that the open tip is more for aerodynamics than for expansion. But if you want precision, there isn’t much better than the 69gr Sierra MatchKing. It’s most accurate out of a 1:8 twist barrel. 

Gorilla Ammunition 77gr Sierra MatchKing

I decided to show a pictures of the range we used to go out to shoot Gorilla Ammunition and test accuracy and function. I also included a picture of Lanse and InternTodd walking out to the targets because of all the trips we would take back and forth to the targets to examine our groups and change out the targets. We walked through many cow pies and mud holes between the shooting table and the targets when developing our Gorilla Ammunition 77gr Sierra MatchKing load. We had some interest from law enforcement personal and long range shooters in a .223 Remington round with a 77gr projectile. We went with the 77gr Sierra MatchKing because of its reputation for superb accuracy and because the people over at Sierra are just good people. They take pride in their work and put out quality products. The Gorilla Ammunition 77gr Sierra MatchKing was developed over many hours and trips back and forth to the targets to bring our customers the ultimate in long range .223 precision. It is most accurate out of a 1:7 twist barrel.

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