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How to buy a silencer

Frequently Asked Questions about Suppressors/Silencers

Is it legal to own a silencer / suppressor?

Yes, it is legal to own silencers or suppressors, but you must meet the following criteria.

  • Be at least 21 years of age to purchase a silencer from a dealer
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Reside in one of the 39 states that currently allow civilian ownership of silencers
  • Be legally able to possess a firearm
  • Pass a BATFE background check 
  • Pay a onetime $200 transfer tax

Which States allow ownership of Silencers / Suppressors

What are the benefits of using a Silencer / Suppressor?

Hearing protection is the first big benefit.  Many silencers are used on pistols and modern sporting rifles that have reports well above the safe decibel level of 140dB.  Without hearing protection this level of impulse noise can cause serious hearing damage and even loss of hearing.  Well engineered silencers / suppressors reduce the dB level of the host firearm below this level and allow shooting without the aid of additional hearing protection.

Increased accuracy  By containing the explosion at the muzzle, reducing recoil, and decreasing muzzle flip, silencers / suppressors dramatically increase accuracy especially among new and inexperienced shooters.  The flinching caused by anticipation of the sound and recoil of the firearm is greatly reduced by the use of a silencer.

 IT IS JUST BAD ASS- If you have never shot subsonic ammunition from a suppressed weapon you have not had a fulfilling shooting life.  Get out there and try it!  You will not be disappointed!  Order a 300 Blackout firearm with suppressor from Gorilla Ammo and a case of 220 Sierra matchking subsonic rounds.  You will be amazed at the experience.

Can I use one Silencer / Suppressor for different firearms?

Yes, you can use your silencer / suppressor on more than one firearm.  You must make sure that the barrels are threaded correctly or have the appropriate adapter to accept the silencer.  They are simple to install and remove. You can use a larger caliber suppressor on a smaller caliber firearm as well.  Just make sure you do not do the opposite!  If you use a .30 caliber suppressor on a .223 gun you will still get sound reduction, but it will not be quite as efficient as using a .223 caliber suppressor on a .223 caliber firearm.

Is a firearm with a silencer / suppressor really silent?

A firearm with the appropriate silencer/suppressor is not actually silent like they pretend in the movies.  The silencer / suppressor does drastically reduce the noise to a safe level.  If you want it quieter you have to use subsonic ammunition (ammunition that does not break the speed of sound) as this will reduce the noise signature even more.  The proper firearm / silencer / ammunition combination makes for an incredible shooting experience.  We are more than happy to help you choose the right combination.  Just call us at 772-766-5805 or email us at  We are very easy to talk to and there are no stupid questions.

How do I buy a silencer?

It is actually easy to buy a silencer / suppressor.  We are happy to walk you through the process step by step.  As stated before, please call or email with any questions, we want to help make the experience easy and enjoyable. 

First, to our products page or call us at 772-766-5805 and select the silencer / suppressor that you want to purchase.

Next, decide whether you want us to help you get your tax stamp and arrange dealer pick up or if you want to do those things yourself.  If you live outside of Florida, you must pick your silencer up from a dealer in your State (we will arrange a dealer close to your home or work).  We cannot start the transfer process until we receive your tax stamp so most people just add it to their order.

Let us know if you want to register your silencer in single name, corporation, or trust name.  The pros and cons of each are listed next. (If you call us we can help walk you through it)

Personal Name vs. Trust vs. Corporation

Firearm Trust- Trusts are a great way to register a silencer.  Just make sure that your trust is legal in your state.  There are many firearms trusts created that are legal in most states.  You may do this yourself or have a lawyer help you.  We cannot give any legal advice.  The benefits of a trust are as follows:

  • Do not need the Chief Law Enforcement Officer signature
  • Do not need fingerprints
  • May allow multiple trustees to possess the silencer
  • Helps determine what happens to your silencer if you pass away
  • Easy to add trustees or change at a later date
  • One trust can be used for multiple silencers or NFA items

Cons: Onetime fee of approximately $150

Personal Name- There is nothing wrong with owning a silencer in personal name.  The benefits are as follows:

  • Do not have to pay for a trust or corporation

You must:

  • Obtain Chief Law Enforcement Officer’s signature
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Be the ONLY one in possession of your silencer or NFA item

Corporation- Owning a silencer in corporate name has many of the same benefits as owning it in a trust.  Most corporations require annual filing fees that make them more cumbersome than a trust in some cases.  Some people who already own a corporation find it easy to add the silencer to their corporate name.  You do not need CLEO’s signature or fingerprints if registering in a corporation. 

You should now be ready to purchase your silencer.

Please call 772-766-5805 or email with any questions.

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