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Gorilla Silverback 300 BLK 85gr, Self Defense, 20 Round Box

Part Number:SB30085SD
Gorilla Silverback 300 BLK 85gr, Self Defense, 20 Round Box


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Sierra MatchKing

Gorilla Silverback, 300 BLK 85gr, Self Defense & Hunting Ammunition - 20 Round Box

This 300 BLK Load features our patented pending CNC Swiss Turned solid copper projectile and factory new nickel coated brass case. The lightning fast 85gr Lead Free, CNC Machined turned projectile is designed to rapidly expand upon contact. At close range it expands so quickly that it limits over penetration, dumping all energy inside the target. At longer range it expands fractionally less so that it still achieve a deep wound cavity perfect for hunting applications!

These projectiles are precisely CNC Swiss Lathe Turned and feature a unique patent pending design. Our Silverback ammunition line creates devastating temporary and permanent wound cavities which are created by the aforementioned solid copper projectiles. The unique design of the projectiles expands quickly and with insane precision.

As you probably guessed the Silverback line of ammunition is manufactured with the same incredibly precise loading and inspection process that results in consistency and accuracy unparalleled in the industry. Our ballisticians have tuned this 300 BLK load to preform well in today's most popular firearms.

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber - 300 BLK Self Defense
  • Projectile = 85gr Gorilla Silverback Solid Copper Hollow Point
  • Muzzle Velocity = 2550 FPS


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Small Arms Ammunition purchasing disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to purchase rifle ammunition. All ammunition is shipped via UPS ground. Always ensure you use the correct ammunition in a firearm in good working condition. It is the responsibility of the consumer to know and comply with State & local laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition. Please check your local laws before purchasing.

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