Gorilla 300 AAC BlackOut 110gr Barnes TAC-TX – 160 Round Bucket

Gorilla 300 AAC BlackOut 110gr Barnes TAC-TX – 160 Round Bucket


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Due to component shortages, we are currently using mil-spec primers in some of our 300BLK loads. These primers contain a harder primer cap designed for use in semi-automatic weapons. You may experience lite strikes in bolt action platforms due to the harder primer cap. Please be aware of this issue before purchasing. For safety reasons, we do not allow returns once the product has been delivered. If you would like to check availability of 300BLK ammo for use in your bolt action platform, please contact us before purchasing.  

14 reviews for Gorilla 300 AAC BlackOut 110gr Barnes TAC-TX – 160 Round Bucket

  1. jwrob00 (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Its grouping about 1 MOA out of my CZ American.

  2. Jack Jordan (verified owner)

    On my second bucket of the Barnes 110 tac-tx my 14 year old nephew just got his first deer with my 300 blackout using this ammo. Thanks for putting out a good product it is very effective on deer

  3. Chad M (verified owner)

    Great ammo! Super accurate and consistent. Dropped a white tail where he stood at 95 yards with a suppressed 8.5″ AR style rifle.

  4. Capt. B (verified owner)

    8/2021 – These are accurate out of my Kimber Adirondack with 1:8 Twist. It does take a double hit on the “hard” primers with the Kimber. Fires on first hit with AR’s.

  5. John Duke (verified owner)

    Took a 200 lb hog …. last night 8/1/21 in Salado, Texas. One shot to shoulder. Dropped in it’s tracks. Massive tissue damage to shoulder and rib cage. Looked like 30.06 hit it. Love this stuff.

  6. Bby (verified owner)

    This ammo is accurate and kills hogs. The brass is not shiny the bucket is small but they have 160 rounds in them exactly as describe. I love it. Get it.

  7. James (verified owner)

    Crazy accurate… yeah, the cases may not be shiny but they run through my boom-stick flawlessly…. <1” groups at 50 yards. Can’t wait to take them out longer. A+ customer service and fast shipping. Customer for life.

  8. Rs (verified owner)

    Very accurate and effective. 10.5” suppressed sbr. Taking deer and pigs at up to 200 yards. Very happy with purchase! I bought 4 buckets

  9. John Bennett


    Tour TAC TX are loaded in Lack City military produced cases they do no polish the cases after annealing which leaves the dark ring on the shoulder and neck of the case. Military doesn’t want bright shinny cases.


  10. Jack Jordan (verified owner)

    Having purchased a bucket of 300 blackout matchkings and being very happy with them I wanted to try the tac-tx for hunting. After opening the bucket I was somewhat disappointed because the brass is really tarnished. I know that is only cosmetic but for the price I would like shiny ammo. If it shoots as good as the matchkings I can live with it ????????

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Gorilla 300 AAC BlackOut, 110gr Barnes TAC-TX – 160 Round Bucket

This load is manufactured to the same insane quality standards as the other Gorilla Ammunition match loads. This product features a 110gr Barnes TAC-TX projectile and a factory new brass case.  The TAC-TX has an all-copper design and specially engineered nose cavity. This results in rapid expansion, devastating energy transfer, and weight retention. It’s quickly been earning its reputation as an excellent choice for deer, hogs, and defense applications. Component selection is only the start to our top quality ammunition. The Gorilla Ammunition manufacturing process ensures consistency by pairing high end linear loading equipment with multi stage in-process inspections by highly trained machine operators with a final inspection of each and every round by our quality inspectors to ensure only ammunition that meets our rigorous specifications makes it into the bucket.

Technical Specifications:

  • Caliber: 300 AAC BlackOut
  • Projectile: 110gr Barnes TAC-TX
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2300 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 1292 ft lbs

Small Arms Ammunition purchasing disclaimer: You must be 21 or older to purchase rifle ammunition. All ammunition is shipped via UPS ground. Always ensure you use the correct ammunition in a firearm in good working condition. It is the responsibility of the consumer to know and comply with State & local laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition. Please check your local laws before purchasing.

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