Gorilla 8.6BLK 285gr Subsonic Fracturing Projectiles (Quantity of 20) NOT LOADED AMMO


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This product includes 20 of our 8.6 Blackout 285gr Subsonic Fracturing Projectiles. Geometries were modified to help terminal performance at increased distances and feed great in gas and bolt action platforms. Great for the reloaders getting into 8.6 Blackout!


Load Data:

Cartridge: 8.6 Blackout

Test Barrel Length (inches): 12”

Load Type: Subsonic

Bullet Length (Inches): 1.762

Bullet Weight: 285gr

COL (inches): 2.780

Twist Rate: 1:3

Primer: Large Rifle

B.C. (G1): .38

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Weight 6 lbs

15 reviews for Gorilla 8.6BLK 285gr Subsonic Fracturing Projectiles (Quantity of 20) NOT LOADED AMMO

  1. Kyle (verified owner)

    I just used this bullet last week to take my first whitetail at 80yds. I hand loaded these with the following specs: New Gorilla brass, 14.8gr AA1680, CCI LR primers, overall length of 2.80”, light crimp with lee crimper. This is an MOA load for me at 100yds, 1050fps out of a 16” Faxon barrel. The deer dropped within a few steps. The petals did their job and I only recovered 3 of the 4, and the core bullet base was a complete pass through. The deer exaguinated itself inside its chest cavity. I lost almost no meat except where the passthrough hit some rib meat of the way out. Very effective bullet design while maintaining great accuracy!

  2. JP (verified owner)

    Shooting Faxon Sentinel 16” AR-10 – unsuppressed

    Hornady brass, CCI 200, Accurate 1680 pushing the 285g projectile. Ran 3 different powder loads. All cycled flawlessly.
    23.0g, 5-shot group 2”. 23.5g, 5-shot group 2”. 24.0g 10-shot group 1.75”

    Handloads averaged same group size as Gorilla’s factory 210g Barnes TSX ammo. In addition, it held the same zero.

    For those balking at group size, these were the first rounds thru the gun. She hasn’t settled in yet. She shoots better than my numbers show – I know the shots I pulled.

  3. Kenneth W Green (verified owner)

    Loaded my first order of these and shoot very good. Had a order mixup on last order, but Rhonda at gorilla straightened it out very quickly and recieved order yesterday. Would give a big shout out to Rhonda and Gorilla Ammo for good service. Thanks

  4. Craig

    Awesome bullets. First shipping.

  5. Aaron (verified owner)

    Shooting great and the shipping was early. So far so good!

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