Gorilla Ammunition .300 AAC BlackOut 125gr Sierra MatchKing – 160 Round Bucket

Gorilla Ammunition .300 AAC BlackOut 125gr Sierra MatchKing – 160 Round Bucket


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Due to component shortages, we are currently using mil-spec primers in 300BLK loads. These primers contain a harder primer cap designed for use in semi-automatic weapons. You may experience lite strikes in bolt action platforms due to the harder primer cap. Please be aware of this issue before purchasing. For safety reasons, we do not allow returns once the product has been delivered.

33 reviews for Gorilla Ammunition .300 AAC BlackOut 125gr Sierra MatchKing – 160 Round Bucket

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Shoots clean and accurate. Love everything about it except the price.

  2. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Nice tight groupings. Gun was clean after putting a few mags downrange.

  3. Beau Jenks (verified owner)

    clean clean clean and accurate. I will get another bucket when available. UPS delivered my first bucket to my neighbors house, my neighbor dropped it off, hopefully I’ll get my second bucket delivered to my house…

  4. Beau Jenks (verified owner)

    tight grouping and AR clean after firing couple of mags. UPS delivered to correct address this time as well. Good Ammo Just Wish It Was Cheaper…

  5. Matt Zimmerman (verified owner)

    I love gorilla ammo always top notch quality and fast shipping and decent pricing for top quality ammo

  6. Teresa A Mertz (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and great price. I really appreciate Gorilla not trying to gouge customers the way many companies are trying these days.

  7. J.House (verified owner)

    Best ammo I’ve ever shot. Clean, consistent, and never any cycle issues. Best part about these guys, they aren’t price gouging with the rest of the ammo crooks. Top end ammo for reman prices.
    I have email notifications turned on for every caliber I use on their website.

  8. mark (verified owner)

    Good price and I really like the compactness & moisture resistance of the bulk packaging.

  9. keith f fawcett (verified owner)

    thanks for having what i was looking for IN STOCK as per your competiters not in stock.

  10. Matt (verified owner)

    First off this ammo is awesome! It feeds and functions flawlessly, out of a DD pdw. I was very impressed with the accuracy as well. If your looking for quality ammo at a good price this is it!

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    Got ammo in 3 days ago. 4 days after I ordered it. Rey accurate ammo. 165 rounds in a bucket of supposedly 160 rounds. So they did me right. On top of the fact it’s premium ammo. Grouping 5 shots with this stuff at an inch with a faxon 16 inch 5r barrel. 2200 FPS average. Gorilla is charging for premium ammo what others are charging for fmj range trash. We certainly will remember how these others were gouging people while a premium manufacturer like gorilla was staying true to we the people. This ammo crisis will pass, and we the people will remember. To cheaper than dirt, 🖕🏻Up yours🖕🏻.

  12. chad snell (verified owner)

    Ordered 4 buckets of 125 grain. Great product. Will buy more!

  13. Chaz (verified owner)

    Great ammo at reasonable cost delivered promptly. Will buy from again.

  14. Michael (verified owner)


  15. Snake Eyes (verified owner)

    Fantastic Ammo! Extremely accurate, reliable and burns clean. Super fast shipping. Shot a .25″ group at 50yd with a 7.5″ psa barrel and a cheap 3moa red dot(TRS-25). I haven’t even shot a group that tight with a 16x scope, smh. Maybe it was luck but I think it was the ammo. It consistently shoots around .5″ groups at 50 yards for me. Their 300blk ammo has been the most accurate factory ammunition I’ve ever shot. I look forward to trying their other calibers.

  16. ED MATKOWSKI (verified owner)

    Ammo is excellent. Sighter in my first 300 blk build and was not dissappointed at all

  17. TERRY BARNES (verified owner)

    Totally enjoy this round. No jams and no misfires. Really appreciate the notifications of when my order packs and ships along with the tracking number. Will order again.

  18. Tanner Cooney (verified owner)

    Great ammunition at a fair price (given current circumstances) accurate and reliable.

  19. Will (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Ammo shot very good, with no malfunctions. I chronographed it a little slower than advertised, but that could be my chronograph or because of barrel length. However, it was extremely consistent, making it very accurate. I will be ordering more as soon as my ammo budget allows.

  20. Mike Faw (verified owner)

    I do permit control of deer. Can’t risk animals running away. I’ve used several loads from Gorilla! All far exceeded my expectations! By far the best thing I’ve ever done is find Gorilla Ammo! Shipped fast. I tried a lot of ammo over 30 years. Gorilla is my only go to Ammo. Thanks guys! Customer for life!

  21. Mike Faw (verified owner)

    I do permit control of deer. Can’t risk animals running away. I’ve used several loads from Gorilla! All far exceeded my expectations! By far the best thing I’ve ever done is find Gorilla Ammo! Shipped fast. I tried a lot of ammo over 30 years. Gorilla is my only go to Ammo. Thanks guys! Customer for life!

  22. Steve (verified owner)

    Like everything bit the price. Yes it is a higher quality and great service and shipping. Shoots nice and clean. Having a hard time paying current prices for any ammo. I will order from Gorrilla again and have recommended to friends.

  23. Frank (verified owner)

    In stock ammo is hard to beat, but when it’s a great product, well, you have my future business. Thank you Gorilla!

  24. Anthony Brannon (verified owner)

    Excellent ammunition, I had zero hiccups at the range and it’s very accurate.

  25. Jack Jordan (verified owner)

    At a time like this when ammo is hard to get and everyone is price gouging it was nice to find gorilla ammunition! The ammo shoots great with no malfunctions. I’m very happy with this ammunition

  26. Nicholas Tordella (verified owner)

    Shot flawlessly. Zero complaints. Arrived quickly and fair prices considering most companies are gouging wholesale and retail prices. Gorilla is on point with pricing for the times we’re in currently.

  27. Scott L. (verified owner)

    This is now my go-too for my Sig Rattler (5.5”) for accuracy. Scary tight groups from 125yrds and in. Obviously no expansion so NOT PDW defense round. Only reason not a five star review is cost. But it’s the best !

  28. Shane Brumfield (verified owner)

    Was surprised at how cleanly and how accurately this ammo ran in my 10”. Will deff be buying again!

  29. Chad snell (verified owner)

    Bought more!!! Great business!!

  30. Chad snell (verified owner)

    Bought more!!! Great ammo and business!

  31. burtoj03 (verified owner)

    Some of the best out there. Accurate, and goes bang every time. I am not suppressing my 300BLK, and I love the 125 grain bullets. I use these for practice and I have been whitetail hunting with the 125 grain Gorilla nosler ballistic tips. No complaints at all. I will continue to buy it.

  32. WENDO (verified owner)

    It was great fast shipping good products this people are good.

  33. William Kevin Blackburn (verified owner)

    This is just about the perfect all everything round for 300BLK I use in a 7.5 inch 10.5 inch and 16 inch and it works flawlessly in all I use a 36-yard zero and it is ACCURATE ! the terminal energy is outstanding in my tests and runs well suppressed on all my 300BLK guns. I feel very comfortable with this as a hunting and self-defense round I use the 100GR rounds as well more for Self Defense I have zero concerns in the 125GR Round for Fox, Coyote, Deer, and even Black Beer I have not used on larger hoofed animals or Brown Bear but in a pinch, in a survival situation I feel very comfortable with this round’s ability out to 200 Yards

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300 AAC Black0ut, 125gr Sierra MatchKing – 160 Round Bucket

Gorilla Ammunition features great accuracy and knockdown power from the 125gr Sierra MatchKing. 300 AAC Blackout is growing in popularity due to it’s increased range capabilities over 223 REM / 5.56 NATO. Increased maximum effective range with Super Sonic ammunition and incredible sound signature reductions with SubSonic ammunition make 300 BlackOut an awesome alternative to the 223 REM cartridge. Sierra MatchKing bullets have set an incredible number of new national records.  This projectile is well known for it’s excellent accuracy. Gorilla Ammunition utilizes only the highest quality components to manufacture top quality match grade loads and this offering chambered in 300 AAC BlackOut with the 125gr Sierra MatchKing is no exception. Component selection is only the start to our top quality ammunition. The Gorilla Ammunition manufacturing process ensures consistency by pairing high end linear loading equipment with multi stage in-process inspections by highly trained machine operators with a final inspection of each and every round by our quality inspectors to ensure only ammunition that meets our rigorous specifications makes it into the box.

Technical Specifications:

  • Caliber: 300 AAC BlackOut
  • Projectile: 125gr Sierra MatchKing
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2160 FPS
  • Muzzle Energy: 1294 ft/lbs

Small Arms Ammunition purchasing disclaimer: You must be 21 or older to purchase rifle ammunition. All ammunition is shipped via UPS ground. Always ensure you use the correct ammunition in a firearm in good working condition. It is the responsibility of the consumer to know and comply with State & local laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition. Please check your local laws before purchasing.

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*This Product is not eligible for any/all discount codes*

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