Gorilla Ammunition 300 Blackout 110gr Varminter Hollow Point – 160 Round Bucket


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Due to component shortages, we are currently using mil-spec primers in some of our 300BLK loads. These primers contain a harder primer cap designed for use in semi-automatic weapons. You may experience lite strikes in bolt action platforms due to the harder primer cap. Please be aware of this issue before purchasing. For safety reasons, we do not allow returns once the product has been delivered. If you would like to check availability of 300BLK ammo for use in your bolt action platform, please contact us before purchasing.  

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29 reviews for Gorilla Ammunition 300 Blackout 110gr Varminter Hollow Point – 160 Round Bucket

  1. Shawn G. (verified owner)

    Accurate and effective ammo. Both my boys (11 and 13) dropped pigs with this ammo recently. My younger son made 2 perfect heads shots and both pigs dropped immediately. My older son shot one pig in the side of the head and the round went straight through and killed a small pig behind it as well (hit him in the forehead). Plenty of stopping power:)

  2. Ted shockey (verified owner)

    Great ammo, cycled right, no jambs, had to resight my EOTECH when I used this ammo but I’m not blaming the ammo. I made a 3 shot group at 75 yards that all 3 holes were overlapping. That was unbeileivable. I’ll continue to buy gorilla ammo for sure.

  3. Javob (verified owner)

    Great product. Will be purchasing more when available.

  4. Carl C (verified owner)

    Great 300 black round. Excellent customer service and speedy shipping. Most definitely will purchase again.

  5. Dee

    Great ammo but wow prices keep increasing. I bought this same bucket less than a month ago for $219 for 175 rounds and now they are $240 for 160 rounds!! Smh.so the 3 star is only for increasing the price. I’m still gonna get a bucket but not 3 like I was intending on buying.

  6. Dave (verified owner)

    Great ammo I give it a 5 plus very accurate Gorilla is my number 1 ammo hands down can’t wait till they have more Thanks Gorilla

  7. R. A. (verified owner)

    GREAT ammo! It’s reliable, accurate and so far I have absolutely no complaints. You really can’t go wrong with Gorilla.

  8. S.Lucas Southern Kentucky (verified owner)

    I to want to leave a 5 star review however I have not used this on any type of game to finish out the review. When deer season is over in my state the Coyote become enemy number one in my area as they are extremely abundant and very hard on my hounds and the young turkey population. I currently load this round in my Sig rattler which has become my truck/bedside go too. Very accurate from such a short Barrel. This handy combo of firearm and ammo should even keep Covid pinned down ! Gorilla is my go too when my life depends on it.

  9. Jeffrey Albarracin (verified owner)

    Clean, accurate and haven’t had a failure to fire yet.

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300 AAC Blackout, 110gr Varminter Hollow Point – 160 Round Bucket

Gorilla Ammunition features great accuracy and knockdown power from the 110gr Varminter Hollow Point. The 110gr Varminter in 300BLK features excellent hunting capability at an affordable price. The 110gr Varminter sports a jacketed lead core hollow point projectile designed to open up and create effective terminal damage on game. Accurate, Reliable, and Deadly. The 100gr Varminter is loaded to the same great standards you have come to expect from Gorilla Ammunition.
300 AAC BlackOut is growing in popularity due to it’s increased range capabilities over 223 REM / 5.56 NATO. Increased maximum effective range with Super Sonic ammunition and incredible sound signature reductions with SubSonic ammunition make 300 BlackOut an awesome alternative to the 223 REM cartridge.
The Gorilla Ammunition manufacturing process ensures consistency by pairing high end linear loading equipment with multi stage in-process inspections by highly trained machine operators with a final inspection of each and every round by our quality inspectors to ensure only ammunition that meets our rigorous specifications makes it into the box.

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber = 300 AAC BlackOut
  • Projectile = 110gr Varminter
  • Muzzle Velocity = 2225 FPS

All ammunition is shipped UPS ground. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition in a firearm in good working condition. It is the responsibility of the consumer to know and comply with local laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition. Please check your local laws before purchasing.

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