Gorilla Ammunition 8.6 Blackout Brass, Factory New – 50 pcs.


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This is for 50 pieces of factory new, Gorilla Ammunition 8.6 Blackout brass.

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Weight 1 lbs

10 reviews for Gorilla Ammunition 8.6 Blackout Brass, Factory New – 50 pcs.

  1. Clyde Bowman (verified owner)

    Loaded 15 test rounds so far and waiting on parts to finish gun build before I can try them yet. Very pleased with the 100 pcs that I received.

  2. Rick P (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. Brass was clean uniform and consistent. Pleased with results upon reloading, using 300 gr factory second tips no issues when trying different powder charges. Some cases have been reloaded 5 times and no issues with the brass.

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    Better price than buying converted brass, saves time over converting your own. Flash holes have very little to no burr. A couple dented necks out of 100 but nothing you don’t usually see. Chamber fine, shoot fine. First fire of new brass was less precise than what my rifle usually shoots, but that’s not surprising (1.2 moa instead of 0.3 moa). Great bargain and time saver. Should have a long subsonic lifespan.

  4. Steve (verified owner)

    Very quick turnaround. Visual inspection showed no issues – look good

  5. Rick W (verified owner)

    Haven’t started loading I yet… but brass looks good… hoping I don’t have to neck these. Using hornady cx 285gn projectile…

  6. Kenneth W Green (verified owner)

    Haven’t loaded these yet. The brass looks very good.

  7. Jim Brischke (verified owner)

    I have not loaded these yet, but I have run each one through my case gauge, and they seem to be very uniform in size.

  8. gregp (verified owner)

    The price and quality of the brass was just right. All of it is uniform, a quick run through the sizing die and then loaded up. Converting brass and turning necks took more time and cost more than buying the correct brass from the start.

  9. Bradley Stevens (verified owner)

    Best and only source for 8.6 brass

  10. JayC (verified owner)

    If you load your own, this is a great deal especially considering buying 6.5 brass is close to the same price before spending a ton of time cutting, resizing, and trimming. I wish this was available a few months ago before I went down the whole path of making my own brass. I haven’t had a chance to load any yet but the brass looks great, fits a chamber gauge, and shipping was very fast.

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