Gorilla Silverback, 8.6 Blackout, 300gr Self Defense and Hunting Subsonic Ammunition – 20 Round Box – For 16″ Barrel

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6 reviews for Gorilla Silverback, 8.6 Blackout, 300gr Self Defense and Hunting Subsonic Ammunition – 20 Round Box – For 16″ Barrel

  1. John Bennett


    We have not locked the final charge weight yet so do not know the exact velocity. It will be published when we put the round for sale on our website along with a drop cart. Remember we establish charge weight in a 16 inch barrel so if you are shooting shorter or longer barrels the velocity will vary.

    John Bennett

  2. kevin

    Look , I hope the 210 ttsx in 8.6 black out supersonic will get to 2450 fps as I have seen only 2000 fps with this bullet, if so that is horrible ,

  3. John Bennett


    The 8.6 Blackout is a modified 6.5 Creedmoor case necked up to .338 diameter loading a 300 grain projectile initially in sub sonic. It would be in an AR10 platform requiring a barrel change and a new suppressor.

    John Bennett

  4. Alex Robertson

    Outta curiosity is this round being fired theou- the m5 in 308 or 6.5 barrel? Or is it a whole new development entirely. I’m really interested in this and am about to do another build and I was thinking of a big bore ar15 like the 50 beowulf or 458 socom but the range on this heavy round with that insane twist rate would outperform all that. Any info would be awesome if you guys could help.

    Thank you,
    Alex Robertson

  5. Roy

    Been following this progression online from your site as well as Faxxon and Q and extremely interested in the Super Sonic 210 grain Barnes TSX and 160 grain Barnes TTSX… the SBR ballistics potential will be a game changer for hunting for sure.

  6. John Bennett

    Mr. Williams,

    Our current plan in Super Sonic is a 210 grain Barnes TSX and a 160 grain Barnes TTSX. Once available they will be added to our web site for order.

    John Bennett

  7. neely williams

    Will any super sonic rounds be available

  8. John Bennett


    Currently the plan in subsonic is a 300 grain Sierra Match King, a 300 grain copper solid similar to a Lehigh, and a 270 Grain Barnes. We are finishing up the load development and what was briefed at Shot Show is that if there is no unforeseen issues arise we plan to have limited quantity available in the next 90 days.

    John Bennett

  9. Paul

    Is this the Maker bullet? Awesome round. Can’t wait till a rifle actually comes out. I might just pick up some of your ammo in advance. When do you expect it out on the common market?

  10. Steffen707

    This is the best ammo for 8.6 Blackout! It’s the only 8.6 Blackout ammo!

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