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The Firearm Blog | Gorilla Ammunition Broadens their Palate of .300 Blackout Flavors

Date: April 24, 2017

Maybe your rifle likes to dine on something hearty like a 120 Grain pill. Maybe you prefer to enjoy some lighter fare at the range like a 110 Grain bullet. Now you can get your gun eating both in Gorilla Ammunition’s new .300 Blackout offerings.

This load is simply a supersonic load for .300 Blackout enthusiasts with a muzzle velocity of 2,225 FPS. There is not much else for specs reported by Gorilla Ammunition, but they had this to say about their new varmint load:

“Gorilla Ammunition features great accuracy and knockdown power from the 110gr Varminter Hollow Point. The 110gr Varminter in 300BLK features excellent hunting capability at an affordable price. The 110gr Varminter sports a jacketed lead core hollow point projectile designed to open up and create effective terminal damage on game. Accurate, Reliable, and Deadly.”

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