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The Shooter’s Log | Range Report: Gorilla Ammunition Field Test

Author: Bob Campbell
Date: March 26, 2016

Gorilla Ammunition’s loads have favorably impressed me with good quality control, excellent cartridge integrity and accuracy. While there are many types of ammunition available, ranging from inexpensive steel-case loads we don’t expect much accuracy from to match-grade rifle ammunition we expect to group into a dime at 100 yards, so ammunition must be chosen with care. The object we examine may give a good first impression, but its properties are the determining factor in any further purchases–and Gorilla brings plenty of performance.

There are many questions concerning ammunition. The first is price, and while the price may give us pause in some cases, it’s all relative to the performance of each load. All we may ask of burner or practice loads is that they go bang! with every shot. Match-grade loads must shoot up to the potential of the rifle. We must understand that potential before we begin testing. If the rifle has delivered 1 MOA with quality factory ammunition or our own handloads, we may expect the same from a maker’s match loads. If the rifle has never delivered 1 MOA, changing ammunition isn’t always the answer. In this case, I tested Gorilla ammunition in a number of rifles that have given good to excellent results. As it turned out, the combination proved a happy one in every test program. At $17.27 per box, this is a great buy–perhaps even a bargain.

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